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Lead Effectively By Making Better Decisions

Have you mastered the tools and methods to make good decisions consistently? You can become a better leader by improving your ability to think critically and make effective decisions.

Corp/U’s Smarter Growth Webinar will describe how to:

  1. Analyze and frame problems more effectively
  2. Identify blind spots and biases that can lead to wrong conclusions
  3. Assess the degree of uncertainty and risk in a decision

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Strategic Learning Forum

Using Learning Analytics to Improve Outcomes

What are the relevant metrics learning executives should use to assess and improve leadership development practices? Executives at Johnson & Johnson and Merck will discuss new metrics they’re using to build strong pipelines of diverse leadership talent.

Corp/U’s Smarter Growth Webinar will show you how:

  1. To use Learning Analytics in real-time to improve outcomes
  2. AI and machine learning are providing new measures that improve learning impact
  3. To use Learning Analytics to drive change, build capability and achieve better business results

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Practicing Strategic Persuasion

Business leaders work with an average of up to 10 additional groups to get work done but don’t have authority over all 10. Persuasion – or “influence without authority” is a key tool for gaining other’s support.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to persuade others at all levels of the organization
  • Ways to adjust your persuasion style to connect with varied audiences
  • Why you need a strategic plan to advance ideas, gain buy-in and build support

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Driving Disruption

Stacking the Deck in Your Favor

The average employee experiences a major organizational change every seven months. It order to manage change effectively, leaders must learn to anticipate change and prepare your organization for the practical and emotional aspect of change.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why big, bold change is hard, risky and prone to failure
  • The key 8 steps to being an effective Change Leader
  • How to better support and champion an established change initiative

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Positive Leadership Creates Positive Change: Take Charge and Be The Impact That You Seek

Traditional leadership development methods are sub-optimal in creating impactful, lasting change on their own. When leaders study, practice, and collaborate on Positive Leadership best practices, they will get measurable growth daily.

Join this webinar and you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of Positive Leadership – the key to success for top companies
  • Which leading companies are using it – what are their results?
  • Why people need to take charge of their own leadership development, and what happens when they do?

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Discover a New Approach to Reducing Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time

Learn about a new, 3-dimensional end-to-end approach that will help you expertly target areas of greatest opportunity to reduce cash-to-cash cycle time and create a realistic plan optimized for execution.

Help Your Leaders become Confident Negotiators

A study by Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) found that an average company would improve profitability by 7% if their leaders became better negotiators.

In this online learning journey, negotiations expert Hal Movius, author of Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence and Built to Win: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization, you will learn how to:

  1. Build leaders’ confidence in negotiations by developing mastery, awareness and poise
  2. Use a systematic and insightful approach to negotiations and decision-making
  3. Manage expectations to create outcomes that satisfy all parties

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Develop Data Savvy Leaders

McKinsey research concluded that 1.5 million managers need the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions. This is 10x the number of data scientists needed in the next few years. Supply Chain teams represent a significant number of leaders who need data analytics skills.

This online guided learning journey, led by experts Vasant Dhar and Foster Provost of New York University’s Stern School of Business, will help your leaders to:

  1. Make more effective decisions
  2. Work well with data scientists
  3. Discover how to use data to answer their most important questions

Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance

In this session of CorpU’s Smarter Growth Series when Committed Teams authors, Mario Moussa and Derek Newberry, discuss how new practices help teams quickly overcome the challenges of organizational politics, delegation, coordination, and aligning skills and motivation. You will learn:

  • Why teams so often drift away from their objectives, failing to deliver needed results
  • Simple steps teams can follow to break through barriers and reach peak performance
  • How the Committed Teams toolkit addresses needs of leadership, innovation, virtual and other kinds of teams

Three Themes That Will Impact Supply Chain Leaders Now and In The Future

Researchers at Penn State University’s 26-year-old Center for Supply Chain Research™ (CSCR™) say the following three themes are creating gaps in supply chain leadership capabilities and must be addressed with urgency in 2018.

  1. Disruptive Technologies are Changing the Game. New technologies represent an enormous opportunity to carve out a competitive advantage but will upend supply chains and introduce new uncertainties and risks.
  2. Extreme Talent Shortages Require a Plan. Organizations will struggle to recruit, retain and grow supply chain talent in light of a 6-to-1 gap – six job openings for every qualified candidate.
  3. Collaboration and Networks are Required. The next wave of supply chain performance improvement can only come if supply chain leaders learn to collaborate across functional silos and beyond company boundaries.

How companies address these themes will make the difference between winners and losers as companies compete supply chain vs. supply chain.

Steve Tracey, executive director for the Center for Supply Chain Research™ (CSCR™) and Penn State Executive Programs leads CorpU’s Smarter Growth Series presentation to share insights on:

  • Game-changing technologies shaping the future of intelligent, data-driven supply chains
  • How supply chain teams can address talent shortages
  • Why future supply chain improvements will require teams to collaborate across functional silos

Accelerate Culture Change

New Leadership Development Programs Help Organization Accelerate Culture Change

You can change culture faster and on a global scale through new programs offered by Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) at West Point. TLDG now offers its most successful development programs — featuring time-honored leadership practices from the U.S. Army — as Capability Sprints on CorpU’s Strategy Activation platform.

This Smarter Growth Series Session covers:

  • The value organizations gain when leaders discover how to lead with both heart and mind
  • Why battle-tested tools from the U.S. Army such as Leader’s Intent, Back Brief and After Action Reviews (AARs) enable leaders to achieve greater efficiency, fewer mistakes, and improved safe work practices

How the Strategy Activation approach delivers a new-to-world variety of “people analytics” that lets executives see into hearts and minds of people in order to identify, and address, the hidden barriers that are stalling change

Accelerating Growth Through Technology with Johnson & Johnson

How Strategy Activation accelerates supply chain transformation

How does an organization the size of J&J get its supply chain team prepared to implement a new operating system?

In this presentation, Elizabeth Faulkner, Sr. Director, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain Academy discusses how J&J is using CorpU Strategy Activation to:

  • Drive standards across the global supply chain
  • Identify improvement opportunities and address roadblocks
  • Engage leaders and teams to drive and sustain change

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