Breakthrough Results Through Committed Teams

Breakthrough Results Committed Teams

Effective teaming underpins many organizations’ competitive strength. Teams bring together diverse ideas, talent and viewpoints to fuel innovation and effective responses to new competitive threats. High-performing teams also deliver out-sized performance results. A new 3X3 framework and process, based on the insights generated by teamwork experts at top business schools, shows average teams how to become top performers. The approach illustrates how teams set aspirational goals, use new tools to stay on track, and periodically reflect to make needed adjustments. Dr. Mario Moussa and Derek Newberry, authors of Committed Teams use vivid stories and practical exercises to help teams:

  • Establish goals, roles and norms and hold members accountable to commitments
  • Assess and improve team culture through structured conversation
  • Apply methods to navigate and move beyond team conflict
  • Identify actions and small steps that will lead to breakthrough performance

This sprint combines an evidence-based toolbox, new methods and practical exercises to help teams build communication, collaboration, and leadership skills that characterize High-Performing Teams and deliver breakthrough performance results within a year.

Expert Faculty

Dr. Mario Moussa
President, Moussa Consulting
Derek Newberry
Management Consultant, Adjunct Professor at University of Pennsylvania

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