Critical Decisions in Logistics Management

Discover ways to make your transportation and facilities network more efficient and effective. Collaborate on a simulation based on common supply chain challenges, revealing methodologies and solutions you apply at your organization.

Topics & Takeaways

  • Seamless Transportation Networks: utilize a simulation to study the impact of unexpected threats on logistics capabilities, consider factors for evaluating and selecting common transportation modes
  • Inbound and Outbound Logistics: discuss tradeoffs, technological choices, and design considerations for warehousing and the implications for your organization
  • Opportunities in Warehousing: learn about types of distribution centers and common opportunities to improve operations
  • Improving Your Organization’s Logistics Capabilities: review types of ‘picking’ and methods of order picking, then consider that information in the context of multiple case studies

Business Impact 

  • Improved awareness of your organization’s inbound and outbound logistics capabilities
  • Increased knowledge of the types of warehousing and distribution centers your organization utilizes and future options available
  • Competitive leverage gained from addressing warehousing design, technology and financing opportunities

Target audience

  • Newer supply chain leaders who want to study introductory concepts
  • Front-line supply chain leaders addressing operational issues within the supply chain
  • Emerging logistics leaders


  • 5 daily lessons, approximately 30 minutes of activities in each of the first four days
  • 60 minute virtual live event with Expert Faculty on the capstone day
  • Expert Guide support of questions, comments, and group engagement and collaboration
  • Active participation – devoting your time to structured dialogue, private reflection, and deliberate practice will increase your knowledge and takeaways
  • Practical application – you can directly try and apply what you learn each day

Expert Faculty

Chris Norek
Affiliated Faculty in Supply Chain Management, Penn State Smeal College of Business

Additional Material