Finding Solutions to Unstructured Problems

Finding Solutions To Unstructured Business Problems

Many problems encountered in business today have no straightforward solution, yet leaders must be equal to the task of resolving them. This course teaches a systematic, logical approach to problem-solving and decision-making designed to boost your leaders’ performance.  Analysis of Business Problems is based on a popular course at IESE Business School—one of the top-ranked institutions in the world—and taught by Mike Rosenberg, an IESE professor of strategic management.

Participants learn a proven strategic methodology—the Six-Step Process of Solving Unstructured Problems—to analyze a variety of challenges, including their own company’s initiatives. They identify when the decision-making process is stalled by “analysis paralysis”, and discover how to handle personal attitudes and opinions that affect resolution. They also find out how to develop timelines and resource plans, estimate costs, and identify all relevant considerations for achieving the best possible outcome.

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