Improving Group Decision Making

Improving Group Decision Making

Whatever your role or organization, most professionals must make a decision “now”—followed by another decision “now,” followed by yet another. It is also likely that you need to collaborate with a wide array of people in order to get this decision right.

The blistering pace of decision-making in today’s competitive business environment is enough to make anyone tired. But these very challenges can provide unprecedented opportunity and strategic advantage – if you can embrace the responsibility for making good, fast, frequent group decisions, and if you can do so better than your competitors.

This course helps teams to:

  • Understand why a sound decision-making process will yield more consistently favorable outcomes over time.
  • Mitigate common pitfalls that impact groups while making decisions.
  • Identify and map stakeholders’ roles, power, and position in order to manage them more effectively.
  • Write an action plan to manage an upcoming group decision

Expert Faculty

John Austin
Professor, School of Leadership Studies, Fielding Graduate University

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