Optimizing Distribution Network Strategy

Take a critical look at distribution network strategy in order to uncover the possibilities in your organization. Join your cohort in exploring the factors and stages of a distribution network strategy and apply possible solutions to a simulated case study, learning what takeaways will be useful in your leadership role.

Topics & Takeaways

  • Essential Questions: read about managing complexity, research an area of your own distribution network, discuss findings with colleagues
  • Models, Processes, Data Collection & Validation: learn about the economic factors and data that influence distribution networks, study the critical stages of distribution modeling
  • Scenario Planning & Recommendations: learn the key considerations for scenario planning, recognize opportunities and make recommendations for implementation
  • Applications of Distribution Network Strategy: use the course case study to discuss the opportunities and challenges of building a Distribution Network Strategy; draft a Supply Chain Action plan using the provided template

Business Impact

  • Improved awareness of how improvements in your network could help your organization gain a competitive advantage
  • Creation of value through development of a distribution network strategy
  • Take away a draft mapping of your Supply Chain Action Plan, and reuse and share the supplied Goal Setting Worksheet

Target audience

  • High Potential Leaders
  • Middle Managers addressing tactical concepts and application


  • 5 daily lessons, approximately 30 minutes of activities in each of the first four days
  • 60 minute virtual live event with Expert Faculty on the capstone day
  • Expert Guide support of questions, comments, and group engagement and collaboration
  • Active participation – devoting your time to structured dialogue, private reflection, and deliberate practice will increase your knowledge and takeaways
  • Practical application – you can directly try and apply what you learn each day

Expert Faculty

Chris Norek
Affiliated Faculty in Supply Chain Management, Penn State Smeal College of Business

Additional Material