Thinking Fast

The terrain for today’s decision-maker is a minefield in which any misstep can provoke a devastating explosion. In this sped-up world, you’re likely to have exactly one shot to get a decision right, not three. And if you get it wrong, you have less time to correct mistakes and reestablish credibility.

But those very challenges can provide unprecedented opportunity and strategic advantage, if you can embrace the responsibility for making good, fast, frequent decisions, and if you can do so better than your competitors. This is simple enough to say, but how can a decision maker rapidly assess a situation, gather needed information, consider it thoroughly, and reach an intelligent conclusion? How can one make good, fast, frequent, winning decisions?

This course introduces you to a four-step process designed to help you make smarter decisions for today’s fast-paced business world. You will explore how to make a quality decision using a four-stage framework, and then applying it to the Todd Racing Case. You will discover how teams get tripped up in their decision-making about the Todd Racing Case.

Expert Faculty

John Austin
Professor, School of Leadership Studies, Fielding Graduate University

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