Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

How CorpU Does Leadership Development

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An innovation is often described as the original combination of things that already exist for a new purpose. We agree with- and embrace- this definition. And we have seen its power in our clients. Starting with a business problem or goal that must be solved, we combine and then reimagine tools and ideas into something new:

  • Technologies most commonly associated with personal social media.
  • Content from the best thinkers in academia.
  • Analytics most commonly associated with the most rigorous forms of market research.

The result: a fundamentally new approach to leadership development

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Building the Fastest Path To Your Business Results

Our Technology

Our technology platform is social, mobile, cloud-based and secure. With it, we create purpose-built, business-oriented social networks of leaders who can convene from wherever they are on their own schedules in a totally secure environment.

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Our Content

We fuel that technology with some of the best minds in the world on the most pressing leadership development needs of our time: Davd Pottruck of Wharton on Change. Dave Ulrich of Michigan on High Performing Teams. Vasant Dhar of NYU on Data. Lawrence Susskind of MIT on Negotiations. And we’re adding more and more all the time.

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Our Analytics

With analytics rooted in natural language processing and econometrics, you can learn things about your leader’s knowledge, beliefs and feelings you haven’t been able to do date, assess the impact of learning interventions in new ways, track (and drive) leader behavior changes over time, and predict how your business might be affected.

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