Empower leaders to create positive work environments, winning cultures, and profitable business outcomes.

By practicing scientifically proven principles of Positive Leadership and Talent Management, leaders are able to enhance engagement and performance, and inspire employees to innovate, find opportunity, and boost company results.

Michigan Ross

Courses Offered

Building a Positive Team Culture

Length: 3-week Course at 30 minutes per day Overview: Leaders discover how positive leadership creates a positive work environment and practice new behaviors and mindsets to shape culture change, facilitate organizational positivity, and ultimately, improve productivity. Business impact

  • Deploy the positive leadership toolkit in performance improvement initiatives
  • Elicit employees’ discretionary effort by driving engagement and supporting empowerment
  • Create measurable action plans for performance improvement using positive leadership frameworks

Target audience: Leaders at all levels

Engaging and Empowering Your People

Length: 1-week Course at 30 minutes per day Overview: Arm leaders with tools and practices to drive employee engagement and empower the workforce to improve key business metrics. Business impact

  • Develop positive meaning in work that inspires employees to function above and beyond expectations
  • Use research-backed practices to improve employee engagement
  • Apply new approaches to empower employees and strengthen trust between leaders and teams

Target audience: Leaders at all levels

Practicing Positive Leadership

Length: 1-week Course at 30 minutes per day Overview: Leaders take an introspective approach to positive leadership and apply frameworks to become a more positive, effective leader Business impact

  • Assess and improve positive practices to develop a culture of high performance
  • Practice techniques to become a positively energizing leader who inspires teams
  • Apply positive leadership practices that enable teams to exceed expected results

Target audience: Leaders at all levels

Growing and Developing Your Talent

Length: 3-week Course at 30 minutes per day Overview: Leaders learn the importance of developing talent and master tools and practices that draw out employees’ best possible contributions. Business impact

  • Improve talent development practices as a strategic lever to improve the firm’s market value
  • Set and define clear expectations for team members, and connect expectations to performance management
  • Expand development opportunities through training, work experiences and stretch assignments

Target audience: Leaders at all levels

Driving Your Team to High Performance

Length: 1-week Course at 30 minutes per day Overview: Leaders learn why their own success depends on getting the best from their teams, and they apply frameworks that help teams reach their top potential. Business impact

  • Improve the practice of setting and communicating team expectations
  • Use frameworks to assess and measure talent and identify development needs
  • Apply a proven coaching framework to conduct effective performance management conversations

Target audience: Leaders at all levels

Helping Your People Find Meaning at Work

Length: 1-week Course at 30 minutes per day Overview: Leaders discover how to help employees find meaning in their work so that they feel ownership, purpose and a deep sense of belonging, and in turn positively impacting corporate goals. Business impact

  • Develop an employee value proposition to clearly illustrate the value employees gain by working for the organization.
  • Explore approaches to improve employee engagement by helping people discover meaning in their work.
  • Illustrate individual contributions to the organization

Target audience: Leaders at all levels

Understanding Talent Management

Length: 1-week Course at 30 minutes per day Overview: Help new leaders better understand the value of talent management and how to put coaching and expectation setting into action. Business impact

  • Learn frameworks for the important task of managing your talent
  • Use proper methods for succession planning
  • Improve communication & coaching practices to drive exceptional performance

Target audience: Leaders at all levels

Our Experts

Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron is the William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations at Ross School of Business, and Professor of Higher Education in the School of Education, University of Michigan. Kim co-founded the Center For Positive Organizational Scholarship and is a prolific author in the Positive Leadership field of research.

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David Ulrich

Dave Ulrich is a Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Co-Founder and Principal at The RBL Group, and prolific speaker and author. Dave is ranked #1 management guru by Business Week and is considered a Thought Partner on HR by the Human Resources industry.

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John Branch

John Branch is Academic Director of Part-Time MBA Programs at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He is a lecturer of marketing and international business courses at the undergraduate, M.B.A., and executive levels. John is an international researcher, teacher, trainer, consultant, and speaker, with expertise in consumer behavior and marketing management.

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