Emerging Leaders Program

An innovative leadership development program designed by world-renowned experts for early-career professionals


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Connect to the world’s smartest people in academia and business, and build your own professional network


Accelerate your path to credentials in today’s top leadership skills


Build new habits to improve yourself, impact your business and shape a better future

Join Emerging Leaders from World-Changing Companies

What You Will Learn

On completion of this program, you’ll walk away with the ability to:

  • Build confidence to be a leader of yourself and others
  • Make high-quality decisions that lead to better outcomes
  • Project positive energy that boosts performance of people around you

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A Look At Your Guided Learning Journey

7 Master’s-level courses • 9-month journey • 3 hours of learning per week • Live coaching sessions • Academic Certificate


Harness Stress For Success

Managing Pressure to Drive Results

Stress can be debilitating, compromising our performance and health. By changing your mindset about stress, you can utilize the inevitable stressors in your life to boost productivity and success.

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Leading With Character And Competence

Achieving Results Through Values-based Leadership

Brigadier General (Retired) Rebecca “Becky” Halstead nurtures leaders to practice new leadership behaviors, to develop their own personal leadership philosophy, and to ground their leadership in their own values and experiences.

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Practicing Positive Leadership

Motivating and Energizing Your Team

Leadership development that is unconnected to business-relevant work or dull is malpractice. CorpU is problem-based learning in an online environment that is fun, fast, and easy.

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Coaching Session 1

Team Conversation

Share experiential stories, deepen your relationship with your cohort, and be inspired. Connect directly with your coach and peers about application of new concepts and techniques. Commit to the next small step in your journey.

1 Hour Live Event

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Writing For Business Impact

Give Your Team “The Write Advantage”

This course is designed to give you a critical edge in today’s global marketplace. In our digital world, business communication mostly occurs through writing. This can range from emails to annual reports, sent to colleagues inside the, company or across borders and time zones.

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Thinking Fast

An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Get your leaders talking and you get them to truly learn, understand and change. Get them to talk on CorpU and you can see inside their hearts and minds.

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Coaching Session 2

Team Conversation

Share experiential stories, deepen your relationship with your cohort, and be inspired. Connect directly with your coach and peers about application of new concepts and techniques. Commit to the next small step in your journey.

1 Hour Live Event

Building Your Strategic Network

Develop strong relationships to advance your agenda and goals

In this course, you will create a networking strategy using a Stepping-Stone approach to map out introductions and conversations that will begin to shape your strategic networks.

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Making Change Happen

A Structured Approach For Supporting Organizational Transformation

An inside look at how experts in change management think about the process of conceptualizing, planning and implementing bold, transformational change – and how you can apply it to a change initiative that you are facing now, or expect to in the future.

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Our Experts

  • Shawn Achor

    Shawn Achor
    Author, The Happiness Advantage

  • Dr. Alia Crum

    Dr. Alia Crum
    Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

  • Kim Cameron

    Kim Cameron
    William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

  • Mario Moussa

    Mario Moussa
    President, Moussa Consulting

  • Rebecca Halsted

    Rebecca Halstead
    Brigadier General (Retired), Faculty, Thayer Leadership

  • John Austin

    John Austin
    Professor, School of Leadership Studies, Fielding Graduate University

  • Dave Pottruck

    Dave Pottruck
    Executive, Educator, Author

  • Rohit Goel

    Rohit Goel
    Academic Director of Jnana Pravaha, Centre for Cultural Studies and Research, Varanasi, India

Earn an Academic Certificate from Michigan, Wharton, Penn State and Many Other Top Universities.

This program counts towards a University of Michigan Certificate, which you can earn by completing this program

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

Introductory pricing is $1,000. The investment increases to $2,000 on June 1, 2020

How long does it take to complete the program?

Roughly 9 months by engaging ~ 3-6 hours per month

Who is an ideal candidate for the program?

Early career people who have no management responsibilities or who are very new to management. Any early career person who works on a team, serves others, or wants to become a top performer at work.

Who is NOT an ideal candidate for the program?

Experienced managers and leaders

I’m an existing CorpU customer, can I enroll people? If yes, how much?

Yes, for the cost of 1 all-access license. On June 1, 2020 it will cost 2 all-access licenses

Do participants have to attend every session?

On a longer program like this, life will certainly get in the way for some people. But you won’t want to miss the fun and relationship-building

If I miss a session, can I make it up?

Yes in two ways: first, all the core learning content is available on-demand, so if you miss a day’s lesson, you can catch up when you can. Second, you may always retake a course with another cohort if you miss an entire course-week.

Who will I be taking this with?

You will be actively engaging with a group of 30-50 of your true peers (early career professionals in this case). Learning in a cohort is a fundamental component of the program and therefore, interacting deeply with others is embedded throughout. You will meet and speak virtually, and work together with people from many different organizations like Boeing, JNJ, Merck, PepsiCo, Agilent, Rite Aid, Sherwin-Williams, etc.

Will I get college credit?

This is an Executive Education Certificate Program, completion does not lead to college credit

Will I get a certificate or credential?

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Positive Leaders Certificate from the University of Michigan, along with an Emerging Leaders Program Alumni Certificate from Corp/U. You may print and frame them and feature them on social media profiles like LinkedIn.

Do I have to take tests? How is my performance measured?

Your progress will be gauged by your Coach, who kicks off the journey with and for you, and is available throughout the program. Your Coach will monitor your progress in each Course and Coaching Session. You must complete 80% or more of the program and participate in feedback/coaching sessions in order to receive your Certificates and Credentials.

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