How CorpU Leads Successful Business Change

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CorpU Change Management Sprints drive a fast start and a strong finish

CorpU’s custom-built change sprints get everyone in your company on the same page and working to reach an agreed upon future state and new performance levels, while CorpU Analytics monitor progress to show change owners how to knock down the six stubborn barriers behind high rates of failure (nearly 70%) for corporate change initiatives.

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We Do The Math on Change

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Throughout the change process, CorpU enables its customers to know whether they’re on track by measuring and tracking six metrics: Clarity Do your employees understand the new change, approach or direction? Buy-In Do they believe it is a good idea- for themselves and their company? Barriers What barriers or problems do they see around the corner that leadership might not? Solutions How do they think those problems can be overcome? Commitment Are they committed to taking action to bring about the change- and if so, what are they committed to? Champions Who throughout the organization is best positioned help bring about this change?

Sustaining the Gains

CorpU customers keep tabs throughout the change process by using the CorpU platform to deliver Pulse Checks (30-minute check-ins) and Pings (20-second feedback surveys) to keep teams aligned, maintaining the right priorities and motivated to succeed.

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Change Minds, Change Practices, Change Your Business

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