How CorpU Builds High-Impact Leaders

Join our organizational learning movement and become a high-impact leader.

EPIC is the guiding framework we use to develop leaders faster and get better results.

  • Expert-Led Sprints designed with world-leading experts whose evidence-backed principles and practical experience accelerates the cycle from learning to performance to business results.
  • Problem-Based Activities and dialogue tailored to address leaders’ immediate business objectives.
  • Integrated With Work Tools and concepts that leaders apply immediately to improve projects they’re working on today while sharing new practices to accelerate group success.
  • Collaborative and Social Engineered collaboration and dialogue that taps the collective genius within your leadership team.

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CorpU Changes the Game

Most leadership Development programs end in nothing happening. CorpU’s EPIC approach breaks this pattern and enables results:

  • Developed more than 100,000 leaders
  • Average course completion rate of 94%
  • Created $1B in value
  • Average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +52

Note: Net Promoter Score for all L&D is –8.

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Results of Traditional Learning and Development


CorpU’s EPIC approach

Innovation from Design to Results

Designed for Results

Results matter. CorpU programs define actions your leaders must take to drive breakthrough change, higher performance, and business impact that makes a measurable difference.

Fun, Fast Engaging Experiences

CorpU Sprints are rigorously relevant, time efficient, multi-modal, business friendly and ROI rich. They guide application and practice to shorten time to results.

Engineered Follow Through

We stay engaged with leaders until they succeed. Refreshers, booster shots, polls and measurement insights support and coach them all the way.

CorpU Technology

Reach More Leaders Faster with Better Results

CorpU programs are designed for emerging leaders, middle-level managers and senior leaders

Driving Culture Change

Leaders create an environment where employees flourish and thrive to release enormous productivity potential.

Leading Effectively

Develop leaders who attract, develop and retain top talent, and inspire teams to exceed performance expectations.

Building Data Savvy Leaders

Use effective methods and tools to think critically and make evidence-based decisions.

Leading Breakthrough Change

Create sustainable, transformational change.

Building Networks through Influence, Negotiation and Collaboration

Develop exceptional influence, persuasion and negotiation skills to strengthen networks inside and outside the company.

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