Our technology is enterprise-grade, but also fun, fast and easy.

Join our organizational learning movement and become a high-impact leader.

CorpU Technology

We believe you must treat leaders like the modern-day consumers they are.

That means their online experience must be fun, fast, simple and brief. Our technology makes that possible.

Our Core Principles

Purpose Built


We have designed our technology from the ground up to do one thing: enable leaders to learn while tracking and driving their behavior over time in an environment that is easy and fun to be in.

Cloud Based


All our production systems are deployed in the cloud, supporting global distribution and real-time redundant failover systems at each tier in separate physical locations. The result: it’s never down, and will always be on for you and your company.


We’re ready for rapid deployment and easy scaling with a multi-tier architecture. The result: Go to 10, to 1000, to 100,000 employees with ease.

Extreme Security

Our clients ask their leaders to be open and candid in dialogue, and our security is designed to match. We are optimized for enterprise integration and security to the standard of online banks and retailers (256-bit TLS encryption). The result: Your company’s dialogue and content stay secure.

Modern Technology

AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Micro-services Architecture. We deploy the latest open-sourced technologies. The result: An ever-improving platform that is agile, adaptable and innovative.

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